Remote Device & App Management | JumpCloud Webinar

This JumpCloud Webinar was recorded on Thursday May 21st, 11am to 12pm ET.

Join this webinar to learn about evolving to remote systems management from the front lines! Richard Hickson has worked as an IT Manager and Consultant for the last 15 years, specializing in MacOS and Server, Microsoft Windows and Server, GSuite, VMware ESX, Ubuntu Server and Office365. Richard will share how his expert tactics make it easier and more secure to transition your IT environment to support remote work.

What you'll learn: - Learn how to swiftly shift and evolve to remote work models with JumpCloud System Management. - Remote application installs using commands, custom scripting, or other methods (Chocolatey/AutoPKG). - Caveats and stresses of managing an on-prem solution in the current age. - How JumpCloud helps migrate companies into the cloud to provide a full holistic directory and capabilities of Device Management & Authentication. Open Q&A after the conclusion of a live demo.

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